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 When do you update the sites?
  Sites are updated on different days. We normally update every 3-5 days, depending on the site. We update with over 700 pictures per month and 3-4 video clips per site.
 Do the girls do custom shoots?
  The girls don't do custom shoots. However, if you have a good idea, we may be willing to try it out in a future shoot.
 Do the girls get the e-mails sent to them? Do they answer them?
  All e-mail is filtered and forwarded to the girls on the site. Due to privacy reasons, they do not answer mail sent to them. They may, however, post replies on the member's area of their websites (so be original!).
 The pictures get resized when I view them from my browser
  If you're using Internet Explorer, change this setting following these instructions: Go to the tools menu > Select Internet options > Select the Advanced tab > Scroll down to multimedia > Uncheck the box next to "enable automatic image resiz
 What do I when I encounter a broken video or broken picture gallery link?
  Let us know which link is causing you trouble and we'll get it fix ed asap!. Please use our contact form to report it.
 What browser is best to view this site in?
  It is best viewed with internet explorer 6.1 or higher. Download here If you have problems with the site, please use Netscape 8.1 or Higher.
 How to report suspected content piracy?
 To report suspected content piracy please visit the following URL: http://www.dmcaforce.com/report-piracy

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