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 Can I link to a specific page in a tour?
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Yes. To link to a specific page you would need to use the following method to make sure that your traffic is properly counted:
CASE N. 1:
[ PanchoDog Sites offering a single tour: ]


If you wanted to link to the page: 'preview.php' in the tour for AndiPink you would use the code below. Replacing 'YOUR_LINK_CODE' with your correct linking code for AndiPink Site ***.


CASE N. 2:
[ PanchoDog Sites offering alternative tours ]


Currently some of our sites provide you alternative tours to promote them according to your main target traffic.

If you wanted to link to the first page in the tour for KatieFey you would use the code below.
Replacing 'YOUR_LINK_CODE' and 'TOURNAME' tags with your correct linking code for KatieFey Site*** and available tour name respectively from PanchoDog Affiliates System:


*** (Remember, for better management tracking, Nats generates you an unique link code for each PanchoDog Site according to the Program & Campaign you are using to promote)

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