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 Creating a CCBill Affliate ID to use via NATS
Creating a CCBill Affliate ID to use via NATS:

- Login to PanchoDog.com and click on 'Adtools'.
- Find 'Program to use:' and choose 'RevShare xCCBill 60%[Payout via CCBill'
- Click on 'Show AdTools' Button.

This will take you to a new page that will allow you to :

- OPTION A: Create a new CCBill Account, if you do not have any CCBill Affiliate ID yet or do not want to merge into your existing CCBill Master Account.

- OPTION B: Load an existing CCBill Account to merge with an already existing account you have at CCBill.


Once you have created your CCBill affiliate account via Option A or Option B, scroll down to the bottom of the page to:


You must put your new CCBill Affiliate ID that is associated now with PanchoDog and 'Save Settings'.

PLEASE NOTE. If you fail to add your CCBill Affiliate ID and save the settings you will not receive credit for sales made.

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